Property Description

Copalquin, Tamazula, Durango

The Copalquin property consists of 6 mining concessions covering 7,005 Hectares  within the mineralogical belt of the Sierra Madre Occidental on the border of Durango and Sinaloa, in the heart of a highly mineralized district. The earliest records of mining date back to the early-19th century when gold placers were discovered. Los Reyes, the first underground mine of the district, commenced operation in the late 1800’s. Historically, at least 250,000 oz of Gold and 11,000,000 oz of Silver were mined from the 5 largest mines of the district prior to the Mexican Revolution of 1910. There are 23 historic mines on the property. Intermittent mining activity has taken place since 1933 with the re-opening of the San Manuel and El Cometa mines by Compañía Minera Cibola. In 1997, Bell Coast Capital Corp conducted a helicopter-supported, 31-hole, 2,500 m diamond drill program from 6 to 8 drill pads. This first-pass drilling program returned excellent results, but BCCC withdrew from the project due to difficulty in acquiring financing during a period of very low gold and silver prices. UC Resources Ltd. conducted a 7 hole, Phase II drill program on the property in late 2005 and determined that the Gold and silver mineralization in El Cometa and El Refugio mines forms part of much more extensive mineralized system than previously recognized.  An additional 6 holes, Phase III drill program, confirmed the existence of a large epithermal system with potential for low-grade ore body with local high-grade veins resulting in a potential exploration target of 1 million ounces of gold and 50 million ounces of silver disseminated within a low-grade, horizontal quartz breccia. The contract with UC Resources was cancelled at the end of 2007.


Reports and Presentations


Access rrom Parral, Chihuahua is by paved road to El Ocote (235 Km), from el Ocote by paved road to Las Banquetas (70 Km), from Las Banquetas to Guajolotes by unpaved road (20 Km), and finally approximately 13 km on foot following a mule track from Guajolotes to Copalquin.

Flight from Culiacán, Sinaloa to Copalquin (20 minutes). From El Alizal (Durazno airstrip) to Copalquin (5 minutes).

Local Infrastucture

Electricity is available approximately 28 km from the property. Water is available from year-round streams. 

Geological Setting

The Copalquin project is located in the limits of the States of Durango and Sinaloa, in the physiographic province of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in the Pacific slope. Geologically it consists of a sequence of Cretaceous volcanic rocks ranging from Andesite to Quartz Latite later intruded by an Eocene Granodiorite and finally covered by flat-lying rhyolite flows, tuffs, tuff breccias and ignimbrites of Oligocene age.


Gold and Silver mineralization occurs in epithermal veins, fault-breccias, and stockworks. The vein fillings consist of quartz and quartz breccias with a mino adularia and calcite component. Argentite, ruby silvers, native gold, electrum, tetrahedrite, pyrite, with trace amounts of galena, and their oxidation products, occur as very fine-grained grains and aggregates along fractures in the quartz veins and breccias.  Aggregates of sulfides and sulfasalts commonly occur replacing (and along the margins) of chloritized rock clasts in the veins and breccias.

Potential Size and Grade

Extensive sampling programs performed by IMMSA (1983), Alta Pimería (1995) and Kennecott (1995) outline a target within a low-grade, horizontal quartz breccia with exploration potential for 1 Million Oz Gold and 50 Million Oz Silver .

Exploration History

IMMSA (1983, Kennecott (1995) and Francisco Gold (1995), sampled existing mine workings.

A helicopter-supported drilling program totalling 2,500m in 31 holes was conducted by Bell Coast Capital Corp. in 1997. 

UC Resources drilled 13 core holes to test extent of mineralization in 2005 - 2007.

General Specs

Copalquin, Tamazula, Durango

Commodities: Au-Ag
Deposit Type: Vein and Disemminated
State: Durango
Municipality: Tamazula
Surface Area: 7005 Ha.
Type Of Deal: Sale or Option
Go to Location: Lat: 25.513 Lon: -107.090
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Name: Douglas Coleman
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Name Title No. Document
La Soledad 52033
El Cometa 164869
San Manuel 165451
Copalquin 178014
El Sol 236130
El Corral 236131




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