Property Description

Orofino, Suaqui Grande, Sonora

In the mid-90’s, small-scale mining took place in the Orofino pit and the La Perla pit as well as surrounding areas. Approximately 60,000 metric tons of material was mined with grades in the order of 3 to 4 and 2.5 to 3 grams per ton Au and 34 to 83 grams/ton Ag. The work was carried out using empirical methods without any planning.

The Orofino project is located 135 km Southeast of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and covers a surface area of 8,291 Hectares. Economic heap-leachable gold and silver mineralization occurs on this property in quartz-carbonate veins and disseminated, in fault zones and breccias with good alteration. The host rock is mainly Upper Cretaceous Andesite belonging to the Lower Volcanic Series in the Sierra Madre Occidental sequence, which is widespread throughout this region.

At least 10 areas of interest have been identified. These have been located through field work, drilling and several technical methods including geochemical and geophysical studies which have been performed over the years by several mining companies who have explored the property in the past. The property has potential to host a large economic ore deposit.


Reports and Presentations

Surface Ownership

The concessions are on a privately owned ranch. There is a good relationship with the ranch owner, however a formal agreement should be in place prior to any exploration or development activities.


The property may be reached by road from Hermosillo, Sonora in approximately 2.5 hours.

Local Infrastucture

The nearest electrical power to the property is about 3 km away. There is abundant water on the property. The town of Suaqui Grande, municipal capital with a population of around 1,000, is located 12.5 km from the center of the Orofino property. Elevations within the property area range between about 325 m and 465 m above mean sea level. The hillsides are moderately steep and forested by deciduous trees, spiny bushes and cactus. Seasonal water ways, or arroyos, cut the hillsides. The climate is sub-humid, semi warm to semi-arid, typical of the lower elevations in the Sonoran desert. The average temperatures during the summer are often over 30°C. Winters are cooler with temperatures during the months of December to February reaching lows of 10°C in the evenings.

Geological Setting

Orofino is situated in the basin and range tectonic province. Basement rocks include Precambrian Gneisses, meta-andesites and granites. Proterozoic carbonate rocks, Mesozoic volcanic, clastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks overlie the Precambrian units.The property is located within the Sonora Carboniferous Region from which anthracite coal is still being produced from the Upper Triassic - Lower Jurrasic clastic rocks of the Barranca Group. Intruding and overlying the Barranca Group are the Cretaceous - Tertiary granites and granitoids and Cretaceous - Tertiary andesite, rhyolite and ignimbrite which on the Orofino property host the mineralization.  These rocks are overlain by the conglomerates of the Baucarit Formation.


Mineralization consists of gold and silver bearing quartz-carbonate veins, veinlets, and disseminated zones occupying brecciated fault zones and shears hosted by andesite and diorite volcanics in association with intrusives and dacite dikes and sills.

Potential Size and Grade

Mineralization exposed at the surface suggests several hundred thousands of oz of Au at an average grade of 0.6 g/t distributed among several mineralized bodies.         

Exploration History

In 1992 and 1993, Minera Teck, S.A. de C.V. conducted rock and soil geochemical sampling and reverse circulation drilling on the property as well as the interior concessions. Minera Teck drilled 17 holes totaling 2,056 m to test the Orofino pit area, the Creston fault zone, the La Perla-La Perlita mine workings, and the El Gato area. The best results were from hole OR-17, drilled in the El Gato area with 40 ft grading 0.08 opt Au 35 ft to 75 ft, including 15 ft grading 0.15 opt Au from 35 ft to 50 ft.

1995 - 1998 - Gilarda Olivarría Romero, title holder of five of the interior concessions, operated a small, open-pit, heap-leach operation for gold. It was reported that approximately 60,000 tons of ore was mined at an average grade of 2 to 3 g/t.

1999 - 2005. Records are not available for any exploration work on the property.

2006 - 2008. La Quinta Resources Corporation spent a total of $1,033,354 Dollars on exploration related expenses including soil sampling, trenching, rock sampling, mapping, geophysics and satellite interpretation.

2009 to Present. Alta Vista has spent over $100,000 on direct exploration expenditures.

General Specs

Orofino, Suaqui Grande, Sonora

Commodities: Au-Ag
Deposit Type: Structurally controlled disseminated gold
State: Sonora
Municipality: Suaqui Grande
Surface Area: 7,979.3138 Ha
Type Of Deal: Option or JV
Go to Location: Lat: 28.428 Lon: -110.030
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Name: Ian Foreman
Phone: +1 (604) 678-2531
Email: [email protected]



Name Title No. Document
La Virgen Fracc. 1 227019
La Virgen Fracc. 2 227020
Sansón Fracc. 1 228717
Sansón Fracc. II 228718
Sansón Fracc. III 228719
Sansón 2 230095
Sansón I 229410
Sansón 3 230374
Sansón 4 231182
Sansón 5 232134
BIM 2 232133




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